Our work is based on the saultogenetic model and encompasses the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and environmental dimensions. In our work, we value active engagement, accountability, and responsibility. We support and implement projects in the mentioned domains. We welcome individuals and organizations to submit their project proposals to our platform for resource mobilization.

The Christmas Hut

The little boy Aram tries to understand what the true meaning of Christmas is. He asks everyone around him that question but being neglected in the hustle and bustle of Christmas Eve, he runs away from home and appears in a faraway snowy wood where he finds the answer to his question in a mysterious Christmas Hut. The scenario of the animated film is based on the play that was performed for the Zoravor Surp Astvatsatsin Church’s (Powerful Holy Mother of God Church) community. Everybody felt the presence of the Holy Spirit during and after the Performance. Armenia was the first country to profess our Lord Jesus Christ in front of the whole world in 301 AD, and we believe that today, among so many challenges of the 21st century,…

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Armenian Intelligence Project (Project AI) The high tech sector is one of the fastest growing markets in Armenia. However, people with disabilities (PWD) are often excluded from labour participation in this sector. Such exclusion leads to a tremendous loss of intellectual potential. On May 31 2021, Hay-Invicta NGO in collaboration with Pontem-Laboratories in Armenia commenced a one year didactic program for young people affected by the recent war in Artsakh. At the completion of the program, the students will be fully prepared to directly enter the job market. The Goal of the Project The Armenian Intelligence Project project aims at preparing highly skilled professionals in the field of technical programing, data-science and knowledge engineering. Over the course of their studies, the students will learn programing with C++ and Python and…

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