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The aim of the project is to advance the IT sector in Armenia by preparing a skilled and competitive workforce of vulnerable young people most affected by the recent war in Artsakh.

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Armenian Intelligence Project (Project AI)

The high tech sector is one of the fastest growing markets in Armenia. However, people with disabilities (PWD) are often excluded from labour participation in this sector. Such exclusion leads to a tremendous loss of intellectual potential. On May 31 2021, Hay-Invicta NGO in collaboration with Pontem-Laboratories in Armenia commenced a one year didactic program for young people affected by the recent war in Artsakh. At the completion of the program, the students will be fully prepared to directly enter the job market.

The Goal of the Project

The Armenian Intelligence Project project aims at preparing highly skilled professionals in the field of technical programing, data-science and knowledge engineering. Over the course of their studies, the students will learn programing with C++ and Python and will gain fundamental knowledge in operating systems. Subsequently, the students will learn state of the art techniques and approaches in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. The technical part of the program will be supplemented with a comprehensive soft-skills training, during which the students will enhance their interpersonal communication skills, work ethics and team work. In parallel, the students will receive specialized English training. The project team will actively work on connecting the students with the employers to ensure a fast entry into the job market.

Overview of the course curriculum


  • Established IT training guidelines that comply with international standards
  • A highly skilled team of professionals that give IT training programs to vulnerable groups of young people
  • 20-22 young people that are highly competent and competitive in the IT labor market
  • The students will receive job offers in the IT sector after the completion of the program



You too can contribute to this essential project! By donating, you can help the students receive quality education and find their place in the labor market. Together we can strengthen the technological and innovative sectors in Armenia, for a strong and prosperous homeland. Help, donate and increase the chances of a better future for Armenia!