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We welcome you to our platform!

“We see the wicked problems as challanges that require dynamic and creative solutions. Such solutions are only possible through collaborative action and personal responsibility.

Hay-Invicta is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that unites people around the mission of improving the quality of lives of people. Our work is based on the saultogenetic model and encompasses the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, vocational, and environmental dimensions.

In our work, we value active engagement, accountability, and responsibility.”

Respectfully yours,

Hay-Invicta team



All projects that you find on this platform are carefully screened in advance by means of a selection procedure. In doing so, we pay attention to, among other things, the type of project, feasibility, numerical matters and the goal of the provider. After selection and approval, we monitor each project with due care and demand responsibility from the supplier.


We work with you. We do not strive for transparency, but we are accountable. With this we contribute to the realization of the most costly treatment towards our donors, namely trust.


Before a worshiper wants to present a project, he must complete the application form drawn up by us in advance. By means of this form we strive to support only projects that meet our mission. After a project has been registered, we call on our network in Armenia to see how feasible the proposal put forward by the provider is.

Would you also like to participate in our community?

Different possibilities of participation: Expert, Vrijwilliger, Investeerder en Donateur. Everyone has his / her own function and together we are a whole…

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