The aim of the project is to advance the IT sector in Armenia by preparing a skilled and competitive workforce of vulnerable

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Welcome to our platform!

We see the complex problems as challenges that require dynamic and creative solutions. Such solutions are only possible through joint action and personal responsibility.

Hay-Invicta is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that unites people around the mission to improve people’s quality of life. Our work is based on the saultogenetic model and covers the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual and occupational areas.

We value active involvement, accountability and responsibility.


Financial Security

To ensure that the raised funds are spent properly the funds raised in our platform will be transferred to the project owners based on their progress reports. The lumpsum will be distributed between the implementation phases and the funds of the subsequent phase will be transferred based on the quality and the appropriateness of the programmatic and financial reports submitted by the project owners. If the project and financial reports show inconsistencies the raised funds will be suspended and returned to the donors.


The platform provides detailed financial and programmatic reports to our donors, partners and supporters.

Quality assurance

The project proposals submitted to our platform undergo a rigorous assessment before receiving approval. The projects are assessed against such criteria as originality/relevance, appropriateness/justification, feasibility and sustainability. It is imperative that the project proposals present a clear monitoring and evaluation plan and the project implementation is broken down into meaningful phases.

Would you also like to participate in our community?

Different possibilities of participation: Expert, Volunteer and Donor. Everyone has his / her own function and together we are a whole…

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